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DMP questions explained


Although every funder or university often implements a custom DMP template, they are usually asking the same information using different wording or different order of similar questions. It is possible that some funder focuses more on data sharing while other focuses more on documentation and findability, but most DMP templates share the same fundamental questions about data management.

However, the questions of DMP templates from different funders can seem unclear, redundant or open to interpretation due to the fact that they need to be applicable to a wide range of disciplines. Consequently, researchers can sometime struggle to understand what the funders are really trying to ask or would like to know with those questions (see OpenAIRE and FAIR Data Expert Group survey about Horizon 2020 template for Data Management Plans)

In this section, DMP questions for several Belgian and European funders are broke down to one list of ordered and more specific questions (ELIXIR Belgium generic DMP questions). The questions are mapped to Belgian and European funders’ DMP templates. Example answers and guidelines with a focus on Life Sciences are also provided.

ELIXIR Belgium generic DMP questions

Datasets information

  • New/Existing Data
  • Datasets List
  • Datasets Purpose
  • Datasets Origin
  • Datasets Type Format
  • Format Software
  • Datasets Volume

Datasets sharing and reuse

  • Datasets Sharing
  • Sharing Rational
  • Sharing Repositories
  • Access Procedure
  • Datasets Embargo
  • Datasets License
  • Resolved Identifier
  • Metadata Licence
  • Metadata Sharing

Documentation and metadata

  • Datasets Metadata
  • machine actionable Datasets Metadata
  • Provenance
  • Qualified Reference
  • Datasets Identifier
  • Datasets Ontology
  • Machine actionable Datasets Ontology
  • Datasets Documentation

Costs for datasets sharing and reuse

  • Costs for FAIR
  • Costs for FAIR Coverage
  • Cost for Sharing
  • Cost for Sharing Coverage

(Meta)Data storage during the project

  • Where
  • Backup strategy
  • Availability
  • Costs
  • Costs Coverage
  • Security

(Meta)Data long term preservation or archiving

  • Datasets List for Archiving
  • Where
  • Costs for Archiving
  • Costs Coverage
  • Security


  • for Data Quality
  • for Data Documentation
  • for Data Storage
  • for Data Archiving
  • for DMP
  • Personal Data
  • Consent
  • Ethical Issues
  • Intellectual Property
  • Legal Issues


  • Other
  • Other Outputs

Project administrative information

  • Name Applicant
  • Project Number
  • Project Title
  • Project Acronym
  • Affiliation

DMP versioning information

  • Version Number
  • Version Changes
  • Date First Version
  • Last Update